Tim in Georgia

This is a blog to chronicle my experiences in the Republic of Georgia as a Peace Corps TEFL volunteer. *The views expressed herein are mine and are not necessarily those of the Peace Corps or the US Government.*

23 September 2006


From high up on Rhoris Namkali. The road below is the road to Borjomi.

Kutaisi from (way) above.

The cathedral with no roof in Kutaisi, right near the guest house we stayed in. Appropriately, it was called Giorgi's.

The Cathedral at sunset.

Batumi Harbor

More of the Cathedral in Kutaisi. It is in a rather charming state of disrepair.

From the Botanical Gardens in Batumi. The coast and the city of Kobuleti are in the background.

20 September 2006

New links

I added some links to some more PC - Georgia blogs, from the G5 group, meaning they've been in Georgia for a bit over a year now. They are towards the bottom of my links section. And, due to computer failings, I failed in my attempt to upload pictures (again). Maybe next time.


17 September 2006

In the news...

I don't get much news here in Georgia. I watch the news in Russian sometimes, but I mainly just see people complaining to the camera or protesting somewhere. I have, however, received two disturbing pieces of news, though, in the past month or so. First of all, Pluto is no longer a planet. I've always been a bit skeptical of it, but now it is official. Brian has provided me with the astrophysical reasons for Pluto's demotion from planet to large sun-orbiting thing, but I can't remember them exactly. But what is Disney going to do now? The animated dog, which made its debut in 1930, the same year as Pluto's discovery, is now just named after the Roman god of the dead, which is much more sinister than I think Disney would ever have intended for the bumbling character. Pluto, too minor to be considered an institution unto himself, should be renamed. I think Dolly would be appropriate, after the first cloned sheep. It sticks with the general theme of recent scientific events that was present the last time "Pluto" was named, and it also seems to fit the dog's personality...if non-persons can be said to have such a thing. And Solarquest, the solar system's real estate game, is now (even more) outdated. Trajedies!

Secondly, the Crocodile Hunter died. Not sure what the global reaction was, but I was not really surprised. And I remember him dangling his child in front of a crocodile once on film. Strange guy.

School "starts" tomorrow. What this means for me is that I will now go to school every weekday morning, find out that the construction is still going on, and then listen to ladies (because only 5 of the 61 teachers are male) yell gossip over the construction for a few hours and then go home. Sadly, this sounds really exciting to me right now and should greatly decrease my boredom.

I can't post photos for some reason right now, but later this week I will make time.