Tim in Georgia

This is a blog to chronicle my experiences in the Republic of Georgia as a Peace Corps TEFL volunteer. *The views expressed herein are mine and are not necessarily those of the Peace Corps or the US Government.*

29 August 2006

More Random Pictures

I found some pictures of me teaching in some Georgian schools...not my school in Gonio, though, because it is a heap of dust right now (but, the exterior painting is almost done, and the first floor has windows. But, the rooms are all barren...)

And, unrelatedly, some details about site placement day, which was about a month ago (I think...time doesn't mean as much here, so I have an increasingly skewed concept of it). So on site placement day, there was a gigantic map of Georgia painted on the handball court (concrete) outside of the university where our hub sessions were held. Each trainee received another person's placement, and then, one by one, we read where the other was going. So you went and stood on your place on the map, so you could visualize who would be near you, etc. Pretty interesting way to do it, in my opinion. So anyway, here are some pictures from that. Or maybe not...it said they posted, but I can't see them. So maybe.

Expect an actual entry, with more text than pictures, later this week.

24 August 2006

Perhaps some Pictures

An awesome church/fortress by a lake:

Here I am, standing on the stereotypical Peace Corps bridge.

This picture was taken by a real live photography major!

21 August 2006

Making the Move

So I finally moved to Gonio, my permanent site. It's still nice.

It's really hot in August in Georgia. Every day it is over 40 degrees celsius (37 = 99, so it's a bit over 100). I...ummm...don't have very much to do for about a month or so because they school renovations are behind schedule and the new dat e for the st art of classes is October 4. So it will likely start within a week of that date, in either direction. I start conducting my summer camp on Wednesday, which is pretty much a 5 day English-language camp for the students in Gonio with a bit of cross-cultural education thrown in for good measure. I am buying supplies today from the bazaar and then am spending the day tomorrow preparing some visual aids. At least this is giving me something to do and it gives me an opportunity to meet all of the children before school begins, which I think will be very helpful.

I ate a sandwich at a cafe in Batumi today for lunch. It was the first sandwich I've had in months, and it was amazing. I can create a sort-of-sandwich at home with pita bread and cheese, but it's just not the same as having meet and lettuce and tomatoes on actual bread.

When the school is finally done being renovated, I will be starting an English Cabinet (an English language library, pretty much) there. If you would like information on how you can help, please send me an email (address is in the link on the side of the page).

Look for pictures here next week. I have found a faster internet connection here in Batumi, although I stumbled upon it accidentally today and I didn't have any pictures with me, so sorry about that.


06 August 2006

Uncle Joe

I went to the Stalin Museum in Gori today. Stalin's childhood home is located right in front of the museum, located under a 1930's era Italian encasement/pavillion. Behind Stalin's house is a very large museum devoted to his life.

Well, it's devoted to part of his life, anyway. Large parts of history were omitted (read: the parts that might not have reflected the "good side" of Gori's native son). Also, we saw Stalin's death mask, and an accordian given to him for the occasion of his 70th birthday in 1949. There was lots of other cool Stalin perephernalia there, but apparently it wasn't as memorable as the accordian.

Training is winding down, I guess. Just 1.5 more weeks of language and then swearing in followed by whisking away to Gonio to start not teaching. The school is under some pretty intense renovations and I doubt school will be able to start before October. But maybe Georgian constructions go at a different pace than those in America.

Unfortunately I was not expecting to be at the internet today, so I don't have any pictures with me to post...but maybe next time. I have a bunch of really cool ones for when I have the time.


04 August 2006

Pictures! (maybe)

Hopefully I can upload these in time...if not, oh well.

This is me on a mountain in Gudauri.