Tim in Georgia

This is a blog to chronicle my experiences in the Republic of Georgia as a Peace Corps TEFL volunteer. *The views expressed herein are mine and are not necessarily those of the Peace Corps or the US Government.*

09 April 2007

Trash CleanUp!!

We had a trash cleanup with my ECO club about two weeks ago in Gonio. Some of my students and I took to the beach and tried to pick up all the steering wheels, drug needles, beer bottles, candy wrappers, and other undesirable things so Gonio will look just a bit cleaner.

Beso pauses to pose for a picture.
More happy trash-picker-uppers.
My students in action. And there is a car on the beach, no idea how that got there.
Learning that wood is not trash...
Another candid shot, with the village in the background.
In all, we collected about 2 cubic meters of trash and properly disposed of it. Where the garbage men took it though is anybody's guess...

Armenia! (and being productive in Gonio...)

Me and Yerevan.
Liz, Maria, Rebecca, Amy and me in front of the Cascades.
The Armenian script. Georgian is oh so much cooler.
Easter at the Vatican of the Armenian Church (Echmiadzin)
The Monument to the Armenian Genocide.
Amy's awesome picture of the monument (the stone structures represent the Turks).
More of the Cascades, with the monument to 50 years of Soviet Armenia at the top.

Me, lost on a hike to Batumis Sameba. The map on the rock didn't help too much.
Teacher Training in Gonio (I have since gone beardless).
More from the Teacher Training.