Tim in Georgia

This is a blog to chronicle my experiences in the Republic of Georgia as a Peace Corps TEFL volunteer. *The views expressed herein are mine and are not necessarily those of the Peace Corps or the US Government.*

28 October 2006

Chemi sakhe midis!

Health update:

My PC health kit is still taped shut, but my face is peeling. Every morning I wake up to find a new patch of dry skin on my face, in various locations. It's like I had a very localized mild sunburn, just without the sunburn. Not sure what causes this, but hopefully it will stop soon.

Furthermore, our cow has been sick. The cow doctor came to see him last week. She's getting better now, luckily.

I'm going to Istanbul for New Year's. Let me know if you will be around.

Teaching's going really well. Starting a few private lessons now, plus I have (finally) a Georgian tutor! Really excited about that.

I'm in Gori right now for a volunteer Halloween party, which should be a quite the time. I'm being Donatello. The Ninja Turtle, not the Renaissance artist. The Ninja Turtles are huge here! They're on tv on Saturday mornings (and randomly at other times) and my brother has a Ninja Turtles computer game! Really feels like I'm in a time warp here...

Sorry this is flighty and brief. Wasn't really expecting to have time on the internet. Anyway, until next time...